This race would not exist today if it weren’t for our founder Janet Bannerman. Although we have never met, she has deeply impacted my life as well as many others….

After attending her first triathlon in Milton, ON, Janet had a vision of having an all women’s triathlon here in Kincardine.

There was a need and she had a passion.

Janet owned the Rehab Centre in Kincardine. Daily she saw people needing financial assistance for devices to help their mobility. As her vision grew she decided she could have an all women’s triathlon and raise money which would both benefit the community greatly.

Her commitment was to give the women the opportunity to have a race where they could feel empowered. They could compete against other women and feel comfortable.

In order to set up a triathlon it takes tremendous knowledge, effort and time. In the fall of 2000, she approached the Kincardine Triathlon Club to help initiate a women only triathlon . Meeting after meeting, they worked on safety, venues, sponsors the construction of the site etc… July 2001, the Kincardine Women’s Triathlon was on!

The Kincardine Women’s Triathlon has been a successful race from the beginning, selling out every year. More importantly, it gives women a venue to enter the world of triathlon.

We thank Janet for her vision, her passion and her perseverance and we thank the Kincardine Triathlon Club for helping Janet make this race a success.